Nabla Muziektheater


In Hämärä, a little girl in Molpe gets lost at twilight in a small patch of grass. A teenager in Seattle rues her parents' strange, unpronounceable names. A college student in a Brussels cafe? struggles to recall the word for homeland in a language she once knew. And a young woman drives across the Finnish countryside to dig up a time capsule she buried at her uncle's cottage....


A journey of memory and longing that grapples with how our formation of selfhood is determined by language and landscape, Hämärä mixes sources as varied as the Kalevala and other Finnish folklore with travelogues, home-movies, lullabies, hymns and anecdotes.

Performed by the "lovely and pure soprano" (Seattle Times) of Finnish- American singer Maria Männistö, and featuring compositions by composer and artistic director of Nabla Joachim Brackx, films by Belgian videographer Quincey De Buck and direction by Benjamin Mosse, this ode to those fragments of ourselves that seemingly are neither here nor there celebrates the rite of passage we undertake to rediscover and assemble them.


Première in 2015

Tour in 2015 in Finland, USA and Belgium.

A Co-Production by Nabla and EastCoastArtists.